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Fabulous Food at Sinan Mansions Beer Fest in Shanghai


One of the things I love about Shanghai is its extensive number of fun events throughout the year catered towards expats and locals alike. The Sinan Mansions Beer Festival, that took place last weekend, was no exception. Though I am not much of a beer fan myself, we frequented the festival for the second year in a row, not for the beer but rather for the unique and tasty dishes serves up by various restaurants around Shanghai.

For those of you who haven’t been to Sinan Mansions before, it is a beautiful area with a stone walkway surrounded by a variety of bars and restaurants. The festival contained a multitude of booths serving a variety of interesting beers and tastes, but the two restaurants booths that stood out to us amongst several delightful places were “Edge” and “Kakadu”.

We were drawn to Edge by the drool-worthy smells and the samples of slow-cooked Canadian Angus beef that literally melted in your mouth. China isn’t exactly known for its “quality” meat so when you find a place that serves some that is fresh and flavourful it is a rare treat. Noteworthy tastes we tried from Edge were the organic mussels, which were light and savoury, and the Artisan pork sausages, of which they were serving a variety of six at the festival. We tried the “Italian Red Wine” and the “Cuban Coriander” which were both uniquely spicy, well-seasoned, and not in the least bit greasy.




canadianangusbeefedgeshanghai*You can find Edge at Shop 301 of N8 Building Citic Plaz, No. 853 Sichuan Bei Lu, and Hai Ning Lu, Hongkou District, Shanghai*

Kakadu, in contrast, is an Australian restaurant, serving an array of strange and different meats. At the festival, Kakadu served a variety of burgers such as Emu, Crocodile and Saltbush Lamb. I tried the crocodile burger which, surprisingly, tasted like chicken….but a tender, moist, light, and flavourful chicken. Kakadu is refreshingly unique in the Shanghai restaurant scene. James Sing, the owner moved to Shanghai in 2005 and Kakadu was born in 2007. He strives to recreate the feel of a homestyle Australian restaurant, serving comfort food such as burgers, with a twist.


You can find Kakadu at 8 Jianguo Xi Lu, near Chongqing Nan Lu, Huangpu district 黄浦区建国中路8号1104A座, 近重庆南路

Both of these restaurants (in addition to the Annual Sinan Mansions Beerfest) are worth a checkout if you are in and around Shanghai! 🙂

Our only regret about the festival…was in the confusion we never ended up trying the juicy and delicious (looking) pig roasting over a spit…guess we will need to go back next year! 😉 Anyone have any stories of awesome tastes from the Beerfest please share! 🙂

*The festival takes place annually on the last weekend of May at 523 Fuxing Lu, near Sinan Lu 思南公馆, 复兴西路52326D, 近思南路 *







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