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Blue Frog

Hongmei Entertainment Street, 
30, Lane 3338 Hongmei Lu, 
near Yan’an Lu 

One of the things I miss most from Canada is going out to a bar and ordering endless amounts of greasy appetizers. Crispy fried chicken wings, nachos oozing with cheese, sliders, etc, are North American bar staples and, although fattening and unhealthy, are in my opinion the ultimate comfort foods (for an occasional treat ;)). Sadly, my experiences when ordering said foods in other countries, particularily in China, have been less than desirable. Soggy, tastless and just overall disappointing has been the norm when it comes to ordering North American appetizers.

Until….I went to Blue Frog. On a sunny Friday afternoon my friend and I decided to head to Blue Frog on Hong Mei Lu to enjoy the patio and warm weather. Blue Frog is a roadhouse-style eatery boasting an extensive burger menu, salads and an American style brunch menu. It has a feeling of comfort and is a nice place to start off a night out with friends. We decided on ordering a few snacks to go along with our drinks not expecting much, but I have to say…they exceeded my expectations.

Our Order:

Nachoes: The nachos were loaded with cheese, chili, lettuce,peppers and salsa with a nice side of guacamole. My biggest complaint with North American food in China is the skimping on ingredients. As an average Canadian, I loveee my big portions and these Nachos did not disappoint.


Sliders: The sliders had thick beef pattys that were moist and tender and a nice layer of cheese,but unfortuately, the dry minibuns detracted from the taste of the meat.


Mushroom Skewers: The mushroom skewers were quite tasty. Marinated with a garlicky buter sauce with a side of fresh mango salsa, these were something pleasantly out of the ordinary and gave of the illusion of adding some “healthy” vegetables to our meal.


You’re probably thinking…whats so exciting about nachos and sliders? Well, when youre living in a foreign country sometimes nothing tastes better than a reminder of where you’re from. While nothing too fancy or out of the ordinary, my order at Blue Frog succeeded in meeting my cravings for a little taste of home. But…I have yet to find chicken wings during my food adventures that can satisfy my cravings!

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