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Savoury Travels


Hi Guys!

I’m Marisa and I am 25, a Canadian teacher, foodie, amateur chef and travel junkie. I fell in love with travelling after spending a summer in Spain working as an Au Pair when I was 18. This first work abroad experience left me hungry for more and led me towards working in England, travelling extensively around Europe and Asia, interning in Thailand, and, finally, working in Mainland China.

I spent the past three years living in Mainland China, where I met my awesome French boyfriend Anthony, whom I now live with. We will be moving to Hong Kong in August together to start what will be sure to be an exciting new chapter filled with adventures, laughs and tasty eats.

Living and working overseas can at times be challenging as one struggles to find some semblance of normalcy in a somewhat abnormal lifestyle. This blog is entitled “Savoury Travels” because I believe the way in which one achieves happiness and balance, regardless of you are in the world, is through the joy of food. Learning new cooking techniques, sampling food from sketchy roadside stalls, exploring the food history of people or a place and savouring tasty dishes are, in my opinion, the best ways to discover and understand countries and cultures.  This blog features internationally inspired recipes, travel tips, and a look into the daily lives of expats living abroad. This will be a space to provide info to those who aspire to travel, and hopefully a relatable place for those who currently travel/live abroad.