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A Few Things in China You Won’t See in Canada

When living life as an expat in another country, you quickly become desensitized to the flurry of foreign language spoken and the unfamiliar sights around you. However, sometimes, you see/hear/or smell certain things that are remind you that you are no longer living in your own country. Here are a few things you will regularly see in China that are not common in Canada:

1. Old Men Wearing Belly Tops


No AC? No Problem 🙂

*image taken from www.refinery29.com*

2. No Speed Limit

Road signs are for suggestion only. At times you feel like you’re in a video game…be prepared to dodge cars and flying items on the wrong side of the road. Initially this seems discerning but after a while you tend to adopt a “can’t beat em, just join em” attitude and drive defensively. Adrenaline junkies eat your hearts out.


Anthony and I posing before scootin’ around town…let this picture with no helmet                                                             be an example of what NOT to do 🙂

3.Tie Dyed Dogs

Not interested in a plain old regular dog as a pet? Well it is not uncommon to see a dog dyed a bright colour as a fashion statement. Granted, you can find this in other areas of the world but it is way more of a frequent viewing here.


“I am NOT a happy camper”

*image taken from doginstructions.com*

4. Oh Andd…Dyed Any Animals:



5.Metro “PUSH” Olympics


Don’t EVER wait for people to get off the metro before getting on…if you don’t start pushing..you lose the game.

Plain and simple.

*Image taken from metro.co.uk* 

6. PJ’s in Supermarkets


I think China is on to something with this one…seriously…I can’t last a minute in my  house without switching into comfy pants…who doesn’t find pjs to be the most comfortable attire?

 7. Matching boyfriend/girlfriend shirts


 “We are one”

*image taken from dailymail.co.uk*

A large part of the fun in traveling and living overseas is experiencing the (sometimes) strange and new. What we perceive to be “normal” in Canada would likely be reacted to differently by one from a different country or culture. All these aspects of China make me smile (well minus the animal ones)…and guaranteed any newcomers to Canada would be able to create a similar list of “oddities”. At times, dealing with cultural differences as you live and travel abroad can be frustrating…but always try to take them with a smile and remember…people think you’re weird too! Do you have any stories of dealing with unexpected or interesting cultural differences? I’d love to hear them! 🙂





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  • You’re not kidding about the pushing and shoving to get on the subway! The whole idea of waiting in line is completely nonexistent.

    • savourytravels@gmail.com

      Haha I know! It is really a “push or be pushed” mentality.

  • HAHA! Yes! WHY?? Why do they do that to animals? It’s all over Korea too. I want to take them home and wash them. They look ashamed!

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